Helping you sort through the Noise: COVID-19 ASSISTANCE

The Coronavirus outbreak is a global tragedy, affecting millions of people.  Its impact is wide reaching – both on a human and economic level. The Canadian Government has initiated several financial-relief programs to help affected Canadians. 


A specialized Division

CEWS Bookkeeping, a specialized division of an established professional services firm, was set up to specifically help Canadian individuals and businesses navigate through the complexities of existing COVID-19 financial relief programs, getting you much-needed financial assistance when you need it most. 

Our Services - Helping you navigate the covid-19 crisis


  • Ross & Sylvestre LLP Chartered Professional Accountants is an established professional services firm focused on helping private companies grow and thrive. We offer a full suite of accounting solutions from cloud-based bookkeeping to year-end compliance services. We work with you to provide insights into big decisions that may impact your organization. CEWS Bookkeeping is a specialized division of Ross & Sylvestre LLP. 
  • As a fully-cloud enabled professional services firm, we have been able to deploy a specialized response unit to analyze and translate the government-related programs as they are announced. 
  • We are here to advise clients on the applicability of the Canadian Government programs (CEWS, CEBA, CERB, etc.) to their individual situations. 


Cloud-based bookkeeping services to assist in getting you caught up so that you can apply for CEWS and other government-related programs.


Advisory services to assist you in determining if you are eligible for government programs or in the streamlining of your business in the face of the current crisis. 


Canada Emergency WAGE SUBSIDY

CEWS Calculator

When you apply for the Canada Employment Wage Subsidy (CEWS), you will be asked to enter amounts such as the number of eligible employees and gross payroll. To get ready, you can determine these amounts and preview your subsidy claim now, based on information you enter. The calculator is a tool to help you estimate the amount of your wage subsidy.

Before you calculate your subsidy, make sure you are eligible to apply.

After you apply for the wage subsidy, your claim will be subject to verification.

Calculate your Subsidy

The Government of Canada has provided a convenient CEWS calculator to estimate the amount of your subsidy.

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